Business Case Study

Two Guys Restaurant needed a plan from the ground up, to establish their restaurant business model,  from setting-up the business entity; to establishing a line of credit with primary suppliers; to developing, pricing and printing their menu.  They began marketing the new concept in an old building, while getting the doors open.

Once a name and business entity were decided, in this case, and LLC was the best option, we got to work.  We helped them prepare documents for the state to get licenses and their proper tax status.  We filed all necessary paperwork for their EIN with the IRS, and we set-up a proper payroll system, complete with several options for employees.

We helped develop a compliant employee handbook that included training and education for employees, while complying with local, state and federal laws for health and safety.

We helped guide the owners with setting-up interviews and participated in the hiring processes, after which a “Soft Opening” and “Grand Opening” were scheduled.

While the set-up and overall operation was excellent and the food was to die for, the partners had some personal issues, not previously disclosed.  The business is still very viable under new ownership, but the partners went their separate ways.  This was truly a case of “split vision,” brought about by changes in their personal live, causing them to lose sight of their original vision and dream.

Sam McKeown