Doterra Essential Oils


Why doTerra?

We have researched many essential oil companies and their products. Our personal preference is doTerra. Yes, we sell and represent doTerra, however, you are free to choose whether to purchase from us or not. That is not what is relevant to us, using a pure essential oil is. Do your research, check independent lab results, do not rely on the claims made by ANY company, including doTerra. Doesn’t matter which company it is, do your homework!
Ask questions! Do not believe everything you read on the internet. There are companies out there that claim to have found all the answers to essential oil myths, we just don’t buy it. We are learning new things and uses everyday for doTerra, because we want to be healthy and vibrant and live as chemical free as possible in today’s environment. To us, doTerra provides that in the essential oil aspect of our lives.
Do the “cardboard” test on the oils you are currently using. Don’t know what or why? Contact us.


Have you ever bought anything on impulse? If not, quit reading this is not for you. However, if you are like me and the rest of the world you have on occasion bought on impulse. The key is to buy on impulse intentionally! I know that sounds like a contradiction, but heWe diffuse multiple blends and single oils throughout the day. We have diffuser in almost every area of out house. When I am struggling with my sinuses, I diffuse doTerra On guard, Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils. I also use a variety of blends throughout the house. We like fresh seafood. Why not we live in Florida! We cook with onion and garlic and many other aromatic foods. OK, after cooking and eating the house has a peculiar odor. Our default is doTerra Purify.

We discovered and began using Purify a couple of years ago. We had a washing machine kind of explode and filled our laundry room and kitchen with water. Unfortunately no one was home and the kitchen floor is hardwood! If you are in the Cheyenne, WY area I strongly recommend Unique Wood Designs, Shane Pickel is the owner for floors. Shane and his guys made the floor look like brand new!ar me out! If you are out shopping you should have an idea of what you are looking for, if not you shouldn’t be shopping! Then we run into a “great deal”. The latest super duper driver that I absolutely need to improve my golf game. Or, Rita sees a pair of shoes on sale that will go great with her new dress.

However, the urethane STUNK! it was recommended we stay away. The process took like 3-5 days! We loaded up all of the diffusers with Purify and it was heaven. No over powering urethane odor. Now this is our results, yours may vary, but this sold us on Purify.

We use a variety of blends in the diffuser at night. We use blends for relaxation, sleep, stress relief and from time to time just something that smells really good. If you really want to be scared, read the ingredients on the “Air Freshener” you have on the shelf or plugged into the wall. If you are not sure about any of them look it up. As with anything always read the labels!

What does doTerra Mean
to Rita and I?

I believe in the process and the claims of purity which doTerra expresses. The CPTG designation is one that do Terra has used themselves. There are no FDA evaluation of claims of purity or ingredients. I recommend READ the labels. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade is a do Terra standard and I believe in the process. Once again due diligence.

Over the years Rita and I have met some wonderful people, who have become dear friends in our Essential Oil Business. We share results, stories and adventures. Yes, we run it as a business, it’s easy to get into and there are no minimums etc., etc. I can go into the reasons for it being one of our businesses, but maybe we should talk privately about that. We have been moderately successful and are well on our way to replacing a substantial portion of our income. This is only a part of the reason for doTerra. If you would like to discuss the business side or just the process of purchasing from us either reach out to us here or message us on Facebook.

The move to a more healthy lifestyle has caused us to evaluate ALL of the medications and supplements which we take. Anything that goes into or is applied to our bodies, or has anyway of affecting our health we have researched. If you read my blog on Sinuses here, and here, you will understand part of where I am coming from.

More Information

Join our Facebook Group here. We will have ongoing informational sessions. If you have questions or would like more information use our contact form here. While we value your opinion, we tolerate no company or product bashing. No profanity or misuse of people, companies events etc. are allowed. The products we promote and sell are products and companies we have researched and use ourselves. Do not ask us to solicit for you or to promote your Company, Website, Products etc, unless you are willing to provide samples and a trial period prior to endorsing you or you company/product.

Live Intentionally and Be Blessed

Sam and Rita McKeown