Silly Weight Loss and Diet Plans

2018.11.14 | Weight loss | Sam and Rita

Don’t Get Caught up in Silly Weight Loss Plans!     Got excess weight to lose?  Don’t even think about some silly weight loss or diet plan.  Make a lifestyle plan and change your entire life not just a number on the scale!  Doesn’t matter what the diet plan is called, the guys and gals… Read more »

Healthy Diets Leading to Lifestyle Changes

2018.11.14 | Health and Wealthness Weight loss | Sam and Rita

What are Healthy Diets   Healthy Diets are diets that lead to a change in lifestyle, not just weight loss.  Any diet will help you lose weight for a season, a healthy diet will keep the weight off, change our eating habits for life and generate energy and wellness in us.  I dislike the majority… Read more »

13 Baby Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

2018.11.14 | Health and Wealthness | Sam and Rita

  You will notice that I have not addressed diet in this list for Healthy Lifestyle changes. Diet is not a baby step. It is a life changing decision. I am not talking about “going on a diet”, but rather the every day diet that you and your family chose to live by. I will… Read more »

Forgiveness-Baby Step to a Healthy Lifestyle

2018.11.13 | Health and Wealthness | Sam and Rita

Forgiveness is a Choice In my Post 13 Baby Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle, I listed FORGIVENESS first.  I believe it is key to living a healthy lifestyle and to inner peace and joy.  I have expanded my thoughts here.   Merriam-Webster defines the word “forgive” in this manner ;   1: to cease to feel resentment against… Read more »

As Christians We Need Healthy Lifestyle Habits

2018.11.13 | Health and Wealthness | Sam and Rita

Healthy lifestyle habits,  Not as easy as I originally thought.     Hebrews 4:13   16 Let us, therefore, come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.   Pray for the strength in the journey to healthy lifestyle habits.  Pray from the throne… Read more »

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