Personal Finance Case Study

D.P. is a single Mom of 3.  After a rough divorce following almost 30 years together, and having young children late in marriage, she was left with serious debt surrounding a business in which she was a responsible party.  She had medical debt, credit card debt, and had to buy her former spouse out of the family home within one year.  She, also, had no viable income other than child support and alimony.

We negotiated a large percentage of the medical debt, as it was already in collections, and this prevented several possible judgments.  We also negotiated a temporary reduction in interest and payments with credit card companies.

We worked on her resume, focusing on the skills she had learned through business and life, in general, and she landed a decent-paying job.  We set up all of her payments and stopped the collection calls.

Now D.P. is on track to either, buy out her ex-spouse or sell the house, but she’s still exploring her options. She has options by focusing on her spending habits and making necessary adjustments.

Sam McKeown