Leadership Case Study

J.R. displayed excellent potential, with a total lack of self-confidence.  While she had plenty of motivation, her supervisors had no clue as to how to lead her.  They gave her book after book to read on communication and leadership.  However, like most folks, reading and implementing are quite different.

We started with a simple CEO-type of roundtable focusing on the personal habits needed for growth, using John Maxwell’s 15 Laws of Personal Growth.  We talked through some guided exercises and decided how these laws would benefit her in her personal and professional life.

J.R. was a single mom with two children and had been working three jobs to make ends meet, when her opportunity for advancement and promotion came along.  Her immediate supervisor saw her potential but had no clues how to coach her.

As she began to implement the coaching she was receiving, folks around her took notice.  Her attitude changed.  Her enthusiasm and can-do thought process motivated several around her to try to step-up and look for opportunities.  She was, and is, an example for those seeking a lifetime of learning and growth, and what it can do for you.

Today she is a very successful businesswoman who knows the value of using a coach for her personal and professional growth.

Sam McKeown