Professional Development Case Study

A.C. was determined to succeed in a ministry to which she really felt a calling.  A woman in a man’s world, no matter how much the Christian Church claimed to be inclusive of women, it was still an arena completely dominated by men.  Some denominations are more challenging than others, but she was determined to succeed.

When A.C. first approached me, she was in a leadership position, however, she had so many folks over her, it was hard to determine what her job really was and to whom she was supposed to report.

We worked on her communication skills first, and through the DISC training, she was able to determine the correct communication style to use with each of her “overseers”.

Eventually, they all realized she DID know what she was doing! A.C. knew her limitations and she was able to write out her own job description to the amazement and acceptance of all who thought they should be her boss!

Now, A.C. is a very successful and fulfilled woman of God!

Sam McKeown